My journey to the best me…

Here I will share everything food and how I’ve learned/ been learning to be the best version of myself!

First things first:

It. Is. Not. Easy.

Don’t get me wrong, the 21 day container meal plan method that I’ve been doing is the absolute easiest and most customizable plan I’ve ever tried..and bonus’s working! It’s a step.

The hard part is getting rid of habits I have developed since as far back as I can remember!

I had the absolute most wonderful lady get me and my sister on and off the bus when I was too young to stay home by myself. Every day, without a doubt, there would be either a bowl of kraft dinner or Campbell’s mushroom soup waiting for us on TV trays parked jussst outside the living room, so we weren’t eating in the living room while obviously watching TVO kids until dinner time! Hey, it was the 90’s.. we didn’t know any better!

When I got older, I had to make sure I had atleast $5 a day to spend on chips, a hotdog and a pop at lunch time! 👍 Even if I was not given lunch money, I made sure that after my parents had left for work, I raided my dads change bucket for those sweet little toonies and loonies.

This lead to high school which certainly broadened my interest into non-healthy options! One of my favourite times of day was when I would figure skate in kemptville and right before or after my skate, I would treat myself with a coke and caramilk! My 30 year old self is cringing at this thought right now!

It was not until I had a life changing grade 11 biology teacher who would spend his lunch hour with his students for extra study time, life talks or quizzing us on healthier food options as we opened our lunches! You wouldn’t dare bring a slice of pizza or can of coke into that room, unless you wanted to hear about it! This man was my first eye opener into health and wellness and he strived everyday to instil his wisdom upon us.

A lady dear to me had just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It was a pretty confusing time for us youngin’s, but I wanted with all my power to be able to help her son somehow navigate through the journey she would soon be embarking on! Sure enough, I knew exactly who to go to!

And help he did, we researched it together and I learned the in’s and out’s of cancer, this form of cancer and how unfair this diagnosis can be. It seemed one of the healthiest people I had ever known was dealt an awful hand.

I then knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.

The next year, I applied at Brock biomedical science! Ok, so my goals were bigger than my brain capacity.

I had taken an elective course called Intro to Community Health Science and after a short while, knew this was my jam! I quickly switched majors and realized I was not going to be the one researching and sitting in labs making breakthrough cancer treatments, however, I was going let them do the dirty work, and I was going to implement negative behaviour changing programs and promote health and wellness to all populations!

The irony is actually hilarious to laugh at now because I myself was the complete opposite! The one who would be late night studying for food and nutrition and buying a $10 Hot n’ Ready to help me with studying this information! Binge drinking all night with university friends then going to class the next day and listening to the perils of alcohol. Palm to the head!

I graduated with a degree in Community Health Science and a minor in Psychology (the psychology part was to figure out my own personal life✌️).

Here I am, at the age 30, deciding it’s time to start putting things into action! Breaking old unhealthy habits and gaining new rewarding habits!

Why now?

Because I have two little boys looking up to me everyday! I want them to feel good on the inside forever. I want them to know that treats are ok now and then, but feeling energized and thankful for their healthy working body, functioning the way it is supposed to, is a greater feeling! Is it about looking good, absolutely not, it’s about feeling good! There’s a difference.

This is my new journey in life! I have recently quit my comfy, well paying, rewarding career to make some big life changes! Is it scary? Absolutely! Is it essential in this time of my life? Absolutely!

After quitting, my husband asked me if I feel like I’ve wasted the last 10 years of my life! I don’t feel like anything anyone does in life is a waste! Everything you do is building on your character, your experiences, your memories, your hardships, your rewards! It’s all about the journey.

I have so much more to learn!

So join me in this journey! Follow my struggles, celebrate my gains and maybe you to will wake up one day and feel that much better ❤️