Being a mom!

Who is a mom?

What is a mom?

Well, I asked around because I was curious about the new verb “mommying” and here’s what I got:

“A woman with a kid?!?”

“Always being the one the family turns to. Mommas always have the answer/solution. Even when I’m sure the daddy’s could.”

“Being there, and strong and present for your kids no matter what! This probably goes without saying….”

“A mom to me is a responsible individual who takes care of their child’s needs and provides a safe and loving environment. Cares for their child by teaching, modelling and leading by example.”

Honestly, a mom to myself is everything! Also, mommying is literally a 24 hour job!

I feel mommying is one of the most stressful, rewarding, challenging and all encompassing jobs out there. You are literally moulding a human that will eventually leave home and have to live a life of their own. And, you kind of want people to like these humans too.

  • Side note: You also have to plan and think of EVERYTHING! And then if you want some alone time, you have to plan a sitter. Then, while out, you think about what you should be doing or what you are forgetting to do when you are out. Or, my personal favourite; you wonder how you are going to make up this missed time at home in order to clean, cook, play, and organize before you get too far behind?!?!

Every night I, as a mom, go over all my actions during the day and think about which ones could be therapy inducing (which is not necessarily a bad thing) when my children are older or which ones will help them thrive in their career? Or, will they have a healthy relationship with their significant other or will they be too emotionally unstable to last in a loving relationship? Will they have strong family values? Will they be over confident, under confident or need constant reassurances that they value and matter?

Can we all just agree that nature will take its course and we, as moms, are doing the absolute best WE can for these tiny humans we’re sculpting?! We are doing the mommying thing and we are killing it. Or else we would be dads! Kiddddding dads, you rock too!

I often feel like I compare myself to every other mom friend/ acquaintance I know.

“They’re so much better at this than I am!”

“Wow, how do they manage to fit in that too?”

“Does that mom ever sleep?”

“Why is that mom not going bananas and yelling at her child like a raving banshee?”

“How is she so cool, calm and collected?”

“How is she always so put together and their kids have matching clothes? I’ve been dry shampooing my hair for three days straight and pulling clean clothes out of three separate laundry baskets that I have yet to fold AND put away!”

So, I am vowing to put a stop to this right now! And, you guys can be my witnesses. No more feeling like the mom that is spiralling out of control (which I will still have my moments, and that is ok too). So, I am taking control of my life and changing my point of view! I am going to mommy the best that I can. So what if that means we run around without sitters pre-planned or grabbing packaged snacks on the go. At the end of the day, I am going to go to sleep, knowing I gave it my all.

When I first embarked on a healthy lifestyle (physically AND mentally) journey, I thought how in the heck am I supposed to take care of myself, my husband, toddler 1 and toddler 2, and remember to feed the dog! Often times, mom gets left behind! She is so busy taking care of everyone else that she forgets about herself. I’m beginning to realize that the best me starts by taking care of me!

The laundry can wait, the dishes can wait, the dusty baseboards can wait. I’m doing this for ME and my family! My family deserves the best mom I can be and that is just going to have to do 💙💙❤️❤️!


P.s. Still want to know what mommying means, let the insta-mom world show you!