Checking in on my bunny and we are not ok!

What in the world you guys?! Jan-Feb- March- April- May- JUNE! It’s June! That means I have not been on here in 5 months. Why can we not just have a revolution, or a bill changed or some weird society strike, where we all agree a regular work week is equal to 4 days and a weekend is equal to 3 days. I just need one whole day after a weekend, to get things done that are supposed to get done on the weekend, get it?!? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 10000 times, I HATE that I get caught up in the day to day of life and forget to do things that matter, that really really matter, that make me feel alive and well. We hear everywhere that everyone is tired. Tired moms, tired dads, tired moms and tired dads who argue over who is more tired. But I read somewhere today that we don’t need more sleep, it is not our bodies that are tired, it is our souls. We need nature, we need magic, we need adventure, freedom and truth and stillness and I don’t think anything has ever resonated more with me on a facebook newsfeed. Shocking, I know.

But it’s beyond true. I find myself always having to check in. And a couple months ago I was on a really good roll. I was ambitious and goal oriented, working out, eating healthy, laughing and loving, then I let life bring me down. Do you know that feeling? You’re just doing all the things every day! Waking up, grabbing whatever to eat, shuffling people out the door, coming home and cooking dinner, shuffling kids to bed then hitting the pillow to just wake up and do it all again the next day. What is this life? That does not sound fun at all.

I mean, I could probably blame my crap mood on our junk weather since I live in Canada and we could have all 4 seasons show up in one day, at any given day in spring, but the blame game is so passé. Just because it is raining and cold outside does not mean I cannot find anything else in the world to light my spark. My kids & husband can usually do it in the moment, but man it is hard to take care of 3 other human beings when you are not even taking care of yourself. What else do you have to give if there’s nothing left? Teach that in those parenting seminars, would ya experts!?!

So here I am in silence, writing a list of things I need to put into action. The dishes can wait until morning, they suck! The vacuuming can wait until my kids are 18 because they are going to dump out a bag of fishy crackers in 12 seconds anyways. It is time to take some action and I’ve got some big goals set! I have lived my life being a planner and a thinker and I somehow never learned to put ideas and thoughts into action. It’s a funny thing really! I have all the wants, plans and ideas but not sure how to get there or follow through with them and here is where we are at.

This is probably why I am terrible at housework. My loads of laundry get sorted into really great, colour matching, perfectly sized loads ready to be washed. And then they sit there, and sit there, because actually putting them in the washer and keeping up with it is just silly business. But let me tell you, my load sorting and organizing game is strong.

I posted on instagram a couple weeks ago that I’m going to narrow down my goals and start setting and acheiving smaller goals. Current goal: memorize DMX Party Up (Up in here) lyrics…currently pending, but I’m working on it on my commutes to work. Action! There is something so liberating about busting out a rap song while driving by freshly planted corn fields and passing tractors at the crack of dawn. So once this goal is accomplished, I’ll be on to the next one. Slowly and surely we’ll move on up the mountain of success. Practice makes perfect, right?!?! Here is hoping.

So where does a bunny come into play? I heard a great analogy recently to think of our minds as a bunny approaching a bear. This bunny is not going to be feeling too hot in this moment. Kind of like if our minds are up against a lot of…..junk! Life being slammed at us left, right and center, especially as moms! It can be so easy to be brought down; one sideeye stare from a stranger, one criticism from the family doctor, one shitstorm meltdown from a toddler and we could break. So, we need to make sure our bunny is always ready for fight or flight. A good check in with him or her every once in a while to make sure they are up to par is essential to our survival. Making sure he or she is fed, watered, nurtured, healthy, etc. So recently I checked in, and my bunny is a little bit hungry. Surving & living, but not thriving. She needs some tending to.

Therefore, plans are being made, thoughts and ideas are kicked into highspeed, goals are being set. Crooks & Chaos is coming to life and we have a business number to prove it. How’s that for action, life! Boom!

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